Six Foods to Make you look Young and Charming.

Before you buy the latest anti-aging make-up products, I invite you to pay more attention on fresh foods that make you look young and charming. In other words, you can buy food instead of make-up products since they are fresh and full of nutrition. If you taking care of yourself on the inside¡ªdrinking enough water and eating healthy foods, which are all expensive and natural beauty products and make-up in the world won’t stop you from looking pale and exhausted on the outside. Why not do like that? I am sure it costs you less money than you choose to buy beauty products, which are contain much chemical factors.


Why I introduce it for you? Loaded with potassium, magnesium and iron, it helps with body balance and boost blood health. They also packed with photonutrients, which help fight germs, bacteria and viruses¡ªthus causing your body to look more vibrant and strong. Raisins give the body energy and vitality and help in relieving toxins.


As we know ,tomatoes is the king of beauty, which is filled with vitamin C. Tomatoes is a simple food in life, but it have special functions, like anti-aging, anti-cancer, prevent diseases. So it welcomed by ladies. And there also many ways to enjoy it: raw, squeeze juice, cooked. Different ways meet your different needs.


Peanuts are contains much protein, which gives you strong and healthy hair and nails. Moreover, it’s boost for skin tone and muscle tone. Because of rich in calcium, they do a big help on bone health ,which shows in how carry yourself. One more important, peanuts are best for man, which is strengthen male’s renal. Peanuts also have fibers, so you will notice that you eliminate a bit more and that is great for skin health.

4 Onions

Onions have a special taste after eating, some people refuse it. in fact, it really a good choice to choose from as beauty material. The sulfides and chromium in onions help to boost the immune system and heart health, as well as act as an anti-bacterial and detox trigger. Onions also help the people to lose unwanted water weight gently, thus eliminating bloating as well.


Potatoes have vitamin C, potassium, manganese, B6, copper, tryptophan and fiber, which all of them are great to calm down and relieve join health. Having health nerves and join health not only help you feel good, but also you’ll walk and talk differently than if you¡¯re in pain or stressed. In fact, eat a potato and you will be walking and acting like a carefree youth.

6. kiwi

Kiwi is the most abundant nutrients and most comprehensive fruit  which is rich in vitamin C,E and minerals, calcium and phosphorus. Eat kiwi can improve sleep quality and can complete the calcium of body. It also can enhance bowel movements to absorb the foods. Sleep is the most natural beauty products for women, and kiwi can improve the sleeping quality, so I suggest you to eat more kiwi if you have nightmare or insomnia.

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