Why are the English Notorious for Their Bad Taste in Food?

Why are the English Notorious for Their Bad Taste in Food?

When was the last time you heard someone talk about England’s famous flavourful food? Never? Well, that makes two of us! For decades now many people have had a stereotypical view of English food as being bland and flavourless. Now, I’m not here to tell you whether that stereotype is correct or not; I am here to give you some theories as to where it may have come from.
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War Rations After World War II

England was heavily affected by World War II, just as most other countries were. One of the main issues that England had during this time, aside from the war itself, was lack of food. During the war, England went on what is now known as the war-ration diet. This diet was forced upon most Englishmen thanks to the shortage of food. The war-ration diet consisted of basic foods; potatoes, dry fish, etc. Even after the war ended, England was still stuck on the war-ration diet for several more years. From what history tells us, the English became so used to this diet that once they had more choices in regards to their daily food, most of them preferred simpler foods anyway. Sure, they will now season their food with salt and pepper; a few other things on occasion; but for them this was already flavourful. They didn’t see any need for other things to be added.

It’s all a Matter of Personal Taste

shepherd's pieWhy do you think we can tell what foods come from which country? When you eat sweet and sour pork, you immediately know it came from China. When you eat a burrito, you are reminded of Mexico. Every country has a certain type of food that most of them prefer. Koreans tend to prefer heavily spiced foods, while Americans tend to prefer fatty foods with little or no spice at all. Every country has its own unique foods to offer the rest of the world. Everyone has their own preferences but that shouldn’t stop you from trying other culture’s food, right?

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Wait? Was that not Stereotypical too?

Do Americans really all love their fatty foods? Do Koreans all love spicy food? Granted, it seems there is a high chance that most of them do, but every single person has their own preferred food type. More often than not the food you grow up with is the food that you find most appealing for the rest of your life. So, based on this, is it not reasonable that the descendants of those who were limited to simple foods are also fond of simple foods? The conclusive theoretical thought of this article is that the majority of the cultures in the world are more fond of highly seasoned, very flavourful foods; because of this, many of those cultures view England’s simpler tastes to be a ‘bad taste’ in food. When it comes down to it, there’s no such thing as a bad taste in food. There is simply the food that I prefer to eat and the food that you prefer to eat. Neither is bad; they are simply unique differences in preferred taste.

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